About Us

BanjoTurkey Leatherworks brings hand sewn leather products to customers. Explore our selection of hats, bags, cosplay accessories, and more!

William J. Ford

Owner/ Primary Craftsman

Bill is the founder of BanjoTurkey. His attention to detail and selection of fine quality materials ensures the best quality products. 

Tabitha Joy


Tabitha's ambition to learn brought her to this apprenticeship. Eager to expand her knowledge of traditional arts and learn new skills.

Behind the name

BanjoTurkey Leatherworks

Coming soon..... a video of Bill playing the banjo!


1222 main street
Union Grove, WI, 53182, US

About us
BanjoTurkey Leatherworks is a company owned and operated by craftsman William Ford. The name is a combination of two other passions from his past. Learn more about heritage turkeys here

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